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Ear Training Tools

I spent several years teaching solfgeggio and sight-reading. Solfeggio is a great technique for improving your ability to understand music and it's structure. This flash demo shows the three most common chords, the I, IV and V chord along with random notes from the seven tones of the major scale. The amazing thing is, for the most part, the music works, despite the fact that it's randomly generated.
For ear training purposes, it's better at least part of the time to use all 12 tones from the western "octave" system. This demo is similar to the last but uses all 12 tones.
This musical trainer is for people interested in sight-reading with the voice. Obviously you can't train singing over the internet, but you can handle the intellectual theory behind it. This is for people to study their solfeggio in different keys, and to know theoretically the distance between notes on the treble clef.
This is a very useful ear-training tool. Some of the most difficult intervals to distinguish are half-steps and whole steps. This is a little quiz where you hear three notes, and you have to answer what are the intervals between the notes.
Learn the major scale, the natural minor scale, the harmonic minor scale and the melodic minor scale.

Piano Chord Finders

Interactive GUI (graphical user interface) of 544 piano chords built with javascript (jQuery) that links to an interactive flash-based diagram for each chord. You can rotate the notes on the chord diagram and hear audio. Also contains a section where you can log-in and save your own chord charts to hear with the interactive flash-chord diagrams.
I started programming in 2006. This was one of my first chord finders written in flash actionscript. It's a piano chord finder that animates the playing of the notes by having the note name fly up towards you in a cheesy 3D way. It alsy has some tools for moving the chords around the circle of fifths, and adding on 9ths, 13ths and other notes with a drop-down menu.
This was an experiment where I thought, "What if you made buttons for the different types of piano chords in different geometic shapes?" So I made the button for a M7 chord a different shape than the button for a dim7 chord, etc. The end result is kind of lame and wonky, but this was an early experiment for me when I was learning flash. The design also makes me want to barf when I look at now, but hey, it's free.
Another piano chord finder I programmed in flash actionscript back in the day (2008). It has horrible color and font choices. I think this is when I realized I was never going to be a designer and I should stick to computer programming. Luckily I've gotten better at design over the years. Prepare to cringe at the color!

Piano Chord Study Tools

A while back I created chord images in photoshop, but ultimately decided HTML/css created a faster loading page. So I created a page on Squidoo to feature my old piano chord jpg images.

Piano Site Reading Tools

Interactive tool to help you learn site reading from the treble clef on the piano.
Interactive tool to help you learn site reading from the bass clef on the piano.

Printable Piano Chord Charts

Print out charts for the 72 most common piano chords.

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