Hi Nathan,

Just wanted to thank you again for putting together such fantastic material to learn chords from. I'm working through it page for page, but by learning chords, one learns not just chords, but notes, scales, everything at the same time. And it's far more interesting than some of the other piano theory books that I have had to drag through. I'm working on Speed Reading, Sight Reading, and Fake Books at the same time. It all goes hand in hand and you have written them perfectly for a second year adult piano student like me.

Thanks a million again!

Will Scoggins

Nate is on to something here! Highest recommendations! A+++

J. Buchanan

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have gone through the first 30 pages of the first book, and it's already obvious that this will be easier for me. I've been struggling with this stuff for months, and I'm very happy I bought these books!

I have previously memorized the triads and sevenths and have been trying to figure out the complicated chords in some jazz books. I am ecstatic with your method. It all seems doable now, and I don't feel like such an old dunce anymore."

Leslie Robard

It's amazing how much information can be squeezed into such small book. This course has helped to improve my piano playing tremendously and has also taught me some advanced terminology. I would honestly recommend this course to anyone who desires to improve their playing or even learn piano from scratch

T. McIntosh

My husband thinks you are a genius for coming up with this method and is so impressed with it that he wants to get copies for two of his friends -- at whatever rate per book you think is fair. My brother's comment was something to the effect of "Cool theory book, man!" Of course, he's a professional musician.

Elissa Strati

I learned so much about how to find chords. Your technique of using the "starting position" is very powerfull yet simple to learn.

Jose Garridoc, Marrietta, GA

Hi Nate, I have downloaded the books and I must say they contain a wealth of information. I have already started on 'Secrets of sight-reading piano music'. I'm an adult beginner and find it really helpful in conjunction with the Alfred adult-all-in-one series which I'm working through with a teacher. The books on speed-reading piano chord symbols - wow! Those belong in a different class and I must say there is no other book out there that can hold a candle to these books. Thank you so very much. It will definitely help me with the fake books I have here once I can work through my basics.

Daniel Nkansah, Edmonton, AB

Exactly the course I was looking for! Excellent work AAA+++


I ordered your course yesterday and I want to thank you because just with the various 7th chords alone I do not have to refer to my “soon-to-be” old chord book. Continue the great work!

Eddie G.

Okay, I got the book, and I must say, I find it incredible that me, a rank beginner, can actually form dozens of chords right out of the box. Not only that, I feel like your explanations are giving me some understanding of what I'm doing -- I'm not just memorizing where to put the fingers. Wow!

Dave V.

Although I thought I knew how to play chords from a lead sheet, my interpretation never sounded convincing. In one hour, Nathan showed me his voice leading method and there was major improvement. The lead sheet we worked on sounded smoother and more "jazzy". Later in the week, I purchased the sheet music of the song I had worked on. As written out by the song writer, the music was exactly - note by note - what Nathan's method had led me to. This method is going to save me a lot of money on sheet music

Matt Gandolfo

Earlier today I purchased your Piano Manual. I have made my way through the first two Chapters, GREAT INFORMATION! I would have attended at least four or five traditional lessons to have integrated the same information. As far as I'm concerned the book has ALREADY paid for itself. I am looking forward to the subsequent chapters and be sure to keep me posted in regard to your "supplementary work in progress". You have a talent, your book is one of the few instructional "how to play piano" manuals I have been able to understand.

Jessy A Cockrum

Thank you very much Nathan :) I like this method very much. I was trying to memorize the chords and all the voicings before without thinking about the harmony. Now I am learning step by step and actually doing more thinking then just trying to memorize.

Saniye Burcu Ozserim

Hello Nate, It's been about two months since I purchased your 5 book package and I was writing to express my sincere gratitude once again. I've had a first read through the books and there's so much information that I have to go through again taking notes and practising. It's been the best purchase I ever made of music material related to the piano/keyboard and so thank you once again. Happy New Year and have a blessed year.

Daniel Nkansah from the UK

I just wanted to say that I'm amazed by your books. The book about how to play FAKE BOOKS is fantastic, and so are the speed reading books.


Just read today a couple of pages from "How to Speed Read Piano Chord Symbols" and did some exercises. I've got the "Wow! effect" :-) Chords are starting to make sense to me and my dream to be able to play from lead sheets is coming nearer. Can't wait to learn more of your unique method!

Roland F.

I think the book is fantastic....I've learned more in 9days than I have in 9years...cool!

Mike Hewart from the UK

I downloaded "How to Speed Read Piano Chord Symbols" I must say you are a genius. You opened my eyes and mind to looking at playing the piano in a completely different way. I used to play chords with 5 to 6 notes and now I play with 3 notes, using your method, and the sound is so unbelievably rich.

Rohan Corea

Thank you for sending me your new update to your book, "How to speed piano chord symbols" I put it in my new binder and read it from cover to cover and all my questions are being answered. I was up to for chapter 4 in your older version, but got so excited with your new version I started all over again. It is so much fun reading notes, reading the chord name and be able to play such beautiful chord sounds. As my confidence has been growing I'm starting to put feeling into my practice of my chords. Thank you very much for helping me fulfill my dream to finally play the piano.

Rog, "devoted" student from Cleveland, OH

I was getting very frustrated with trying to figure out all the chord positions by myself based on scale formulae (1 3 5, 1 b3 5, 1 3 5 b7, etc.). Your book has been a break though for me. I purchased and downloaded the PDF version of your piano book yesterday.You method is terrific! In just a day, I can see and feel clear improvement in my playing and chord visualization.Thanks!


Hi Nathan, This book has helped me enormously. I worked carefully through the first book, and I'm amazed that this is the first piano book that was very readable for me, and that I could see and hear the improvement fast. Thanks for taking the time to make things very clear in your book. I'm also reading your "How to Play from a Fake Book without Gettin the Blues" and I like it quite a lot. It's fantastic.

Garry Burgess, Winnipeg, Canada

You did a tremendous job at putting this chord system together. Although, I'm a beginner, your system makes me sound like a pro...and that's all that counts.


This book really is great.. I have spent so much money for music books.. but nothing has been clearer than your book.. Now i can play some truly soulful chord progressions thanks to learning your three finger system. I now have a much better understanding of constructing music, and I'm now ready to get your next book. Cant wait!

Sean Joseph

I will be interested in getting your next book that you are working on to pick-up where this one left off Your piano book is outstanding! It not only teaches you how to read the various piano chord symbols on music or lead sheets, but it teaches you how to play the piano chords with modern sounding jazz voicings. The book does a great job how explaining how to move from one chord voicing to another chord voicing and the exercises help reinforce the chord voicings explained in the book.

Tom C.

Hi! We spoke a few weeks ago when I ordered your 'How to Speed Read Piano Chord Symbols' book. Well, I have just about finished it and I think it is great! I can now form and play just about any basic chord variation (except the exotic stuff...). Its a great learning method. I want to keep going!

Rich Cella

Thank you so much for your book! I took lessons for three years and I still couldn't do anything. After I read the first chapter of your book, I was able to work through my favorite song, 'Stardust'. Now I can play it from memory and it sounds great!

Susanne Ortega

Just to let you know your book arrived in Friday's mail, and I am really enjoying it. I am one of those people who have taken years of lessons and can play sheet music, but like to just sit down and play from fake books too, and the "7" chords always threw me. I finished the first two and 1/2 chapters of your book yesterday, and really think it is going to help me enjoy playing and help me sound better too. Thank you muches!

Rose M. Brown

I am sending you this memo to express how much I am enjoying learning to play the piano using your outstanding publications per the referenced purchase. This past weekend I purchased a Yamaha Electric Stage Piano (i.e, Model P-90) and started to shop online for piano lesson publications. I was most impressed with your "ground-zero" approach to learning the piano and, especially, your simplified (but comprehensive) approach to musical chord creation. Your method of chord familiarization and construction is easy to follow and play.

George Murphy, San Diego, CA